Documents & Forms
Official Forms

Blank forms are provided by the National Headquarters, and are in multi-part carbon sets. For security reasons you must order these forms by calling (800) MCL-1775 to request the forms so that NHQ can track who is ordering what forms.

Form or Document
Purpose of the form or document
Dues Transmittal Form Membership dues transmittal and change notification form to be sent to National MCL. (Updated) Order these forms from National for the latest ones.
Officer Installation Form Report of officer installation that is sent to National MCL
Transfer Request Form Transfer request form to notify National of a transfer in membership. Must be confirmed by losing and gaining Detachments.
Charter Application Form Application for a MCL Charter sent to National. This form is normally used by newly formed Detachments.
Veteran's Data Form (.pdf File) Member Data form that can be completed by members to notify their family of the location of wills, insurance, military papers, etc. This form is kept in a secured location by Detachments. You can download this file from here or open it, but you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you click on the file name, the document will open in another window which you must close to return to this site.
Member Death Notice Form Notice of the death of a Detachment member, sent to National MCL. National will send a sympathy card if this form is received within 60 days of the date of death, unless otherwise requested.